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I am a Science, Technology and Society Lecturer at Code University of Applied Sciences in Berlin as well as a Substitute Professor of Philosophy at Lavras Federal University in Minas Gerais, Brazil. In 2019, I got my philosophy PhD from the University of Miami, where I also worked as a Lecturer of Philosophy until last year. I also got a MA from Boston College in 2013. Though I lived in the USA for almost a decade and under a DAAD scholarship did research in Germany at the University of Bonn, I originally come from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My papers have dialogued with the history of philosophy (e.g., Anselm and Descartes), continental philosophers (e.g., Nietzsche and Deleuze), analytic philosophers (e.g., Carnap and Chalmers) and Brazilian philosophers (e.g., my PhD adviser Otávio Bueno and my undergraduate mentor Fernando Ribeiro). While addressing the criteria and political assumptions of disputes in metaphysics, I argued in my PhD dissertation that such disputes can be approached from a left-wing or from a right-wing perspective. As of lately, I am interested in disputes related to philosophy of religion, such as: whether capitalism is a religion; whether Millianism can account for divine rebaptism (e.g., that of “Abram” into “Abraham”); whether persons of faith can be legitimate philosophical opponents etc. In spelling out what I call metamodernism, I also published two collections of poems. Here is an interview (in Portuguese) with me.

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