Nietzschean-Carnapian Phase 

(Miami-Bonn, 2014...)

By the end of the my first year in the philosophy PhD program of the University of Miami, I started to promote a synthesis of Nietzsche's and Carnap's projects of overcoming metaphysics. The main result of this project is my PhD dissertation, Disputes: The Inmmensurable Greatness of Micro-Wars, which I defended on April 2nd of 2019. The members of my PhD committee were: Prof. Dr. Otávio Bueno (chair); Prof. Dr. Michael Slote; Prof. Dr. Berit Brogaard; and Prof. Dr. Mark Rowlands (internal members); and Prof. Dr. Markus Gabriel (external member from the University of Bonn).  Some papers based on my dissertation's research are: 

2019. Deleuze’s Left-Wing Approach to Metaphysics

In Revue philosophique de la France et de l'étranger, tome 144(4), 455-472

(An expanded version of this article is the sixth chapter of my dissertation, which can be  found here)

2019. The Conflictual Craft

In Manuscrito – Rev. Int. Fil. Campinas, v. 42, n. 2, pp. 47-83, Abr.-Jun. 2019

(An expanded version of this article is the introduction of my dissertation, which can be  found here)

2018. Overcoming Metametaphysics: Nietzsche and Carnap

In Nietzsche-Studien, Volume 47, Issue 1, p 240–271.

(An expanded version of this article is the second chapter of my dissertation, which can be  found here)

Carnapian Phase 

(Boston-Miami, 2011-2014)


 During my Boston College years and in my first year in the University of Miami, I had two main interests. As indicated by two papers of mine ("An Unfortunate Dualist Revisted" and "The Incompletness of the Physical"),my first interest was on whether and how consciousness is grounded in a physical entity. My second interest was on whether ontological disputes are important at all. I was also extremely interested in Carnap, as my "Apology of Carnap" paper indicates.

2014.  An Apology of Carnap.

In Manuscrito (Unicamp), Vol 37, Número 2, Julho a Dezembro 2014, p.261-289.

2013.  An Unfortunate Dualist Revisited.

In 2013 Hawaii International Conference on Arts & Humanities Proceedings, p. 1543- 1566.

2012.  The Incompleteness of the Physical:

An Objection to Chalmers' Conceivability Argument

(Unpublished paper, presented as a poster at the 2012 Toward a Science of Consciousness conference at Tucson, and submitted as part  of my application for the University of Miami's philosophy PhD. program)

 While working on my master dissertation on Nietzsche, I started to read some of his English-speaking interpreters. This made me be very interested in analytic philosophy. Accordingly, I  joined Boston College's master's program in the Fall of 2011 with the aim of gradually shifting my area of studies from continental to analytic philosophy. BC's program is more focused on continental philosophy, but it had a consortium with the analytic program of Tufts University. I took three classes at Tufts that played a seminal role in my way of thinking; those of Professors Daniel C. Dennett, Stephen L. White and Jody Azzouni. I also took classes with two  professors who believe in God; Peter Kreeft and Ronald Tacelli. They did not turn me into a theist, but they made me revise a Nietzschean view that I had; that religion is to be eliminated

Nietzschean Phase 

(Paris-Rio, 2006-2011)

 I joined the Social Communication program of Federal Fluminense University in 2003. I started to be interested in philosophy (especially, in Friedrich Nietzsche and French Nietzschean philosophers, such as Gilles Deleuze) mainly after I joined an exchange program at the Paris Nanterre University in 2006-2007. So, when I came back to Brazil, I joined both the philosophy bachelor's program of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro , and the philosophy master's program of Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (I actually got the first place in the admission contest for the latter program, as well as a CNPQ scholarship). Under the guidance of Professor Dr. Kátia Muricy, I wrote a master's dissertation on Nietzsche's take on the mind-body problem, and his notions of health and disease. I also published some short papers closely related to my master dissertation. During this phase, I was also quite influenced by Professor Dr. Fernando Ribeiro, Professor Dr. Fernando Muniz and Professor Dr. Guido Imaguire

2011. Master Dissertation (Portuguese)

Nietzsche como se sem metáfora: Mente, Corpo, Doença e Saúde na obra nietzschiana

("Nietzsche As If Without Metaphor: Mind, Body, Disease and Health in Nietzsche’s Works")

2011.  A história do homem segundo Nietzsche

(“The history of man according to Nietzsche”).

In Analógos XI, p. 95-104. (Portuguese)

2011. A concepção de doença de Nietzsche

(“Nietzsche’s conception of disease”).

In Analógos X, p.92-99. (Portuguese)

2010. Zaratustra e a deformação

(“Zarathustra and Deformation”).

In Alter, Ano IX, n°14,p.12-14. (Portuguese)